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Make Your Moving Day Chaos-Free With These Pro Tips

Everyone knows that moving is stressful.  Anyone who has ever moved has asked themselves these questions:  “Where do I start?”  “What am I going to put everything in?”  “How did we acquire so much junk?”  “Is this even worth it?” and on and on and on.  Effective...

Why FHA is a Great Option When Buying a Home

There are many different kinds of loan programs out there.  Determining which loan program is right for you can be a difficult task.  Our mortgage professionals take the time to train and education themselves on all the different types of loan programs so they can...

“Sale Pending” Does Not Mean “Sold”

A pending sale means that someone has made an offer on the home and that offer has been accepted.  It does not mean that the loan has been closed or that the home is sold.  A home will remain in the pending process until all of the legal work has been completed and...

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