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Pierre Alley

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This is My Story

Purchasing a home brings every emotion into play… joy and excitement as you see yourself in the new home and making plans for the future; fear and doubt as you worry about monthly payments and wonder if you got the right loan, interest rate, and closing fees. To make the journey enjoyable Pierre provides his clients with a vast amount of knowledge and experience based on 32 years of mortgage origination. 

Pierre has a BS degree in Finance and a Master Degree in Business Management. During his career he has consistenly won awards for being a top producer. Pierre is licensed as an Associate Lending Manager and licensed as a Mortgage Educational Instructor. He served a four year term on the Utah Residential Mortgage Regulatory Commission, the overseer of the Utah mortgage industry. His primary focus is to protect the Utah home buyer. Pierre has earned the Certified Mortgage Lender Designation, the professional standard recognized as the leader in the mortgage industry and achieved by less than 1% of all mortgageoriginators.

Pierre provides the best overall loan to fit the needs of his clients. His is fair and competitive… but more importantly, his clients receive a level of professionalism that’s unsurpassed. He will not mislead or confuse clients by not disclosing all pertinent loan information and settlement service fees. There will be no suprises at closing. 

Pierre will handle your loan transaction in a professional and timely fashion. He looks forward to helping you reach your financial goals and making home ownership dreams come true.

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Partner Reviews
You’re a fantastic mortgage broker, I will continue to send my clients your way if that works for you. I’ve used several other brokers before and have never seen service like you provide. Mortgages can be very complicated and it is easy for brokers to skim over details to unknowing clients to make an extra buck. Not only are you open, honest and considerate, but you seem to truly have the client’s best interest in mind. The level of service is fantastic too, you are quick to return calls or emails, and you take the time to go through everything so that the client truly understands everything. I also appreciate that you personally stay in contact with everyone instead of passing everything off to an assistant. Even if you had an assistant occasionally call or respond, still far better than what many others do. On top of all that, I really appreciate that you helped Talan with the roof costs, that was far more than you needed to do! I literally cannot say enough about how much respect I have for what you do and have done! Dustin Bay

Realtor, Equity Real Estate

Customer Reviews
Loved working with Pierre at Utah Mortgage Loan Corporation. He makes the process as quick and painless as this process can be. He stays on top of everything, meets every deadline, and keeps you informed of the status and any potential hang-ups along the way. Thanks Pierre! Brittany

My wife and I are first time home buyers.  We were referred to Pierre Alley at Utah Mortgage by our realtor.  He met with us personally and took the time to give us thorough explanations of how everything worked.  His estimates were the most transparent of any we received.  He helped us find the best time to lock in by watching the market carefully.  We trusted him to get us the best rate possible.  Overall, our experience has been great, Utah Mortgage is a company we feel we can trust.


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