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Mike Anderson

Sales Manager / Senior Loan Officer


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This is My Story

I take great satisfaction in helping families to understand and choose a smart mortgage option. Educating my clients on the many options available to them is important to me. I attended BYU and received a bachelor’s degree in finance which began my 20+ year mortgage career. My goal is to improve lives one loan at a time. 

I was raised right here in the great Beehive state in Sandy. I currently live in South Jordan with my wife, three sons, and daughter. When not helping people finance a home, I enjoy classic car restoration, running, racquetball, scuba diving, and sking.

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Partner Reviews

“I have worked with Mike for at least fifteen years. He always provides excellent service. In fact most of the time he has our clients loans ready to go early. When my buyers work with Mike I know that we can all relax, knowing that the job will get done, without fail. Plus, He’s just a really nice guy. My clients love him.”

Relationship: 15 years

Ron Thrapp

Realtor, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

“Mike Anderson is an exceptional person.  I’ve known Mike for several years now.  He has trusted me to do his title and escrow work. During my acquaintance with Mike he has been efficient, professional, highly trusted and become a great friend. Mike is truly knowledgeable at what he does.  He is intelligent, capable, dedicated and always quick on his feet.  He makes doing a loan comfortable. I would refer my closest family and friends to Mike.   Mike truly is exceptional!”

Relationship: 14 years

Lori Sutton-Harrison

Escrow Officer, Title Guarantee

“Mike at Utah Mortgage is always willing to go above and beyond for his clients. He is friendly and very professional. Every closing I have had with him the borrowers have been happy with him and the loan process. His agents have worked with him for years because they know their borrowers are in the best hands.”

Relationship: 12 years

Brittany Vrotney

Escrow Officer, Stewart Title Insurance Agency of Utah, Inc

“I have been working with Mike Anderson for almost 15 years now, Trusting him with not only my buyers but myself and my family as well. Mike has a great team of honest, caring, experienced people in his office that are always there to help answer any questions my buyers may have. Mike always returns calls promptly even on weekends and evenings and is constantly updating me on the progress of my files. Simple or difficult, Mike always works towards a smooth closing with no surprises.”

Relationship: 15 years

Crystal Yengich

Realtor, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

Customer Reviews

Working with them was easy, Mike Anderson helped me out in everywhere he could to help me purchase my home, I definitely recommend them to anyone I know personally.

Larz Gardner

Mike Anderson was amazing to work with! He was always willing to answer all of our questions which we so appreciated! We would definitely recommend Utah Mortgage to anyone looking to buy a home. We never once felt pressured into anything and we felt completely comfortable from day one. We were so pleased with our experience!

Chelsea Hunter

“In my opinion, Mike Anderson is the best in the mortgage business. I closed my first loan with Mike in 2003 and have used him multiple times to refinance our mortgage since then. Mike is knowledgeable, approachable, and honest and wants to ensure his clients get what is best for them, not what’s best for him, even if that means telling you a refinance is not your best option. It is this integrity and focus on his clients that makes Mike the best and why I will always recommend Mike to my friends and family.”

Levi C. Lorenc

Getting a Home Loan after a Bankruptcy

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Down Payment Assistance Programs

One major concern for people when it comes to buying a home is whether or not they will have enough money for a down payment.  The good news is that there are many different ways to get help with your down payment if you are unable to come up with the money on your...

Avoid Getting a Higher Rate Due to a Low Credit Score

When it comes to getting the best possible interest rate on your mortgage, a good credit score can go a long way.  Your credit score is a representation of how likely you are to pay your debts in a timely manner.  In other words, it is a representation of how much...

Going Through the Mortgage Process

Many people do not know what to expect when they go through the mortgage process.  It can be intimidating to go into the home buying experience without knowing how long it is going to take or what you are going to have to do.  On the other hand, it is very beneficial...

Buying a Home When You Have Student Debt

One common misconception about buying a home is that it is just not possible to do while you are going to school or paying off student debt.  This is simply NOT true.  There are many people that buy a home while they are still paying off student debt.  Below is a list...

Learn How to Optimize Your Credit Scores

Applying for a loan can be stressful.  One of the biggest things our clients worry about is credit worthiness.   Below is a list of things to avoid when going through the loan process to ensure that you maintain your credit scores.   Doing anything to Cause a Red...

Finding the Right Homeowners Insurance

Finding the right insurance policy for your home purchase is one of the most important ingredients when buying an existing home or a new home. When companies begin to talk about replacement values or deductibles, it sometimes get frustrating to figure out what to do...

Use Your Home to Get Cash

Home values in Utah have been rising the past several years. The average selling price along the Wasatch Front has grown 35% since 2013. This includes Weber, Davis, Salt Lake, Tooele, and Utah counties. In 2017, the average home sold for $304,000. Source via Salt Lake...

Understanding VA Loans

Veterans Administration (VA) loans are a fantastic way to obtain home financing for America’s servicemen and women. VA loans are insured by the Veterans Administration allowing private lenders to lend up to 100% of the purchase price. There are several significant...

Advantages and Disadvantages of FHA Loans

An FHA loan is one that is insured by the government and backed by the Federal Housing Authority (FHA). This insurance offers protection to Private lenders who fund FHA loans. In the event of default, FHA will help cover losses incurred by the lender. Lenders are then...

Advantages and Disadvantages of Conventional Lending

A Conventional loan is one that is insured, funded and serviced by private lenders as apposed to FHA, VA, or USDA loans which are also funded and serviced by the private sector, but are insured by the government. Here we will discuss some advantages and disadvantages...

Mortgage rates remain near all-time lows

Thinking about buying a home? You’ve probably seen news reports that mortgage rates have increased. But it’s important to put today’s mortgage rates into perspective. It still can be a great time to buy a home. Mortgage rates have been bouncing around all-time lows...