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Russ and Greg have over 35 years combined experience in the real estate industry. We are committed to earning your trust by guiding you efficiently and painlessly through the loan process. Our pledge is to provide you with unmatched customer service, to be readily accessible, and to promptly and accurately respond to your questions and concerns. As husbands and fathers, we know how busy life can be. That’s why do everything possible to accommodate you and your schedule.

Russ and Greg grew up here in the Salt Lake valley in a family of 6 boys. Russ and his wife have two boys and two girls. Greg and his wife have three boys and two girls. We are proud to be a team and we look forward to helping you and your family realize your home ownership goals!


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Customer Reviews

Made the refinance process quick and easy. Im very satisfied with the work Greg Marchant and his co-workers did for me.


They were great in every way. Greg and Russ are very kind and hard working. They understood my issues and needs. Then they worked to find solutions to get me all taken care of. The entire team was helpful and respectful. I would highly recommend them to anyone that need a mortgage. Class act and better people.


Russ and Greg Marchant made the whole process easy and stress free. We highly recommend using their services. You won’t be disappointed.


Very professional and experience team, easy to work with. They find the best rate available online, and calculate all fees and the exact total payment you are going to pay each month–include property tax, insurance… Highly recommended.


Russ and Greg were awesome to work with when buying our home. They were prompt and so helpful with everything! They made the experience very enjoyable. I would definitely recommend them.


Greg Marchant was amazing. He got my loan taken care of super fast and it was easy. Will definitely refer to family and friends.


The loan process was smooth and seamless. Russ always goes out of his way to be available, and all my buyers love working with him.


Russ and Greg were super responsive in helping us get pre-approval for a last minute offer on a house, even over a holiday weekend. They were also very patient in guiding us through the loan process and all the extra steps needed for being self employed. Highly recommended!


Russ and Greg Marchant made the whole process easy and stress free. I highly recommend using their services. Organized and always respond to questions in a timely manner.


Partner Reviews

I represented a first time home buyer on a recent purchase of a new townhouse. The buyer had a friend who was a loan officer and the builder required that my buyer meet with their preferred lender. I told my buyer to meet with the preferred lender and to get a quote from Russ at Utah Mortgage. Russ had a pre-approval for my buyer in about 3 hours, the terms of Russ’s loan significantly beat out both the builders preferred lender and the buyers friend! That was even after the $4,000 incentive to use the preferred lender! Russ closed the loan a full week before the anticipated close date (less than 2 weeks from start to finish). Awesome Job Russ and team! Looking forward to working with you on the next one. Needless to say, my buyer was so happy. The whole process was made so much less stressful due to Russ and Utah Mortgage. Thank you! 

Kelton Kleinman

Realtor, TruNet Real Estate

From a real estate agents view, when I have the opportunity to refer a buyer to a lender I do not hesitate to recommend Russ and Greg.
* great communication * offer recommendations for various loan programs * extremely knowledgeable * they go to the closings, which for me is greatly appreciated and it shows they are grateful and it’s a thank you for your business to the buyer * my fifth * is they are fun and nice to work with. Thank You Greg, Russ, LaNae and to your whole team.

Kim Fish

Realtor, Coldwell Banker Residential Broker

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Sell Quicker by Helping Buyers Feel at Home

Selling a home is can sometimes be just as stressful as buying a home.  If your home remains on the market month after month without any offers, it can be discouraging.  Many people wonder what they are doing wrong or what is wrong with their house that is making...

Make Your Moving Day Chaos-Free With These Pro Tips

Everyone knows that moving is stressful.  Anyone who has ever moved has asked themselves these questions:  “Where do I start?”  “What am I going to put everything in?”  “How did we acquire so much junk?”  “Is this even worth it?” and on and on and on.  Effective...

Why FHA is a Great Option When Buying a Home

There are many different kinds of loan programs out there.  Determining which loan program is right for you can be a difficult task.  Our mortgage professionals take the time to train and education themselves on all the different types of loan programs so they can...

“Sale Pending” Does Not Mean “Sold”

A pending sale means that someone has made an offer on the home and that offer has been accepted.  It does not mean that the loan has been closed or that the home is sold.  A home will remain in the pending process until all of the legal work has been completed and...

How is the Spring Housing Market Shaping Up?

As the winter season is coming to an end and spring is just around the corner, we can expect the housing market to start getting back into full swing. The market over the past 12 months has been largely in favor of the sellers due to low inventory and high demand. ...

Getting a Home Loan After a Bankruptcy

Many people believe that getting a home loan after a bankruptcy is impossible.  This is simply not true.  It is possible to get a mortgage after a bankruptcy.  There are just specific rules and regulations you have to follow to qualify.  There are several different...

5 Things Your Mortgage Lender Wants You to Know

Searching for a new home is a lot of fun, but the financial side of things can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. Having a good mortgage lender can really help simplify this process as they guide you through it. In order for your loan officer to give you the best...

Smart Home Technology is Redefining Luxury Living

The last 5-10 years have brought in a wave of new “smart” technology.  One of the industries most affected by these innovations has been the housing industry.  These new electronics are redefining luxury living in a multitude of ways.  Pretty much anything electronic...

The Ten Commandments of Buying a Home

Getting the financing for your home may seem like an easy task if you have are really good loan officer, but many people don’t realize that there are several  road blocks that could shut down the whole process if you are not careful.  These “commandments” are some...

How to Prepare to Purchase Your Next Home

Most people who have experienced buying a home probably feel like they have a pretty good idea for what to expect when it comes time to purchase their next home.  The reality is, however, every home buying experience is different.  There are always different...

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Why More Americans Are Using Real Estate Agents

There are many trends going around these days that are encouraging home buyers to purchase a home without using a real estate agent.  Some of these other options include using an app or website to help you find your home, or just doing it yourself.  Despite these new...

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Down Payment Assistance Programs

One major concern for people when it comes to buying a home is whether or not they will have enough money for a down payment.  The good news is that there are many different ways to get help with your down payment if you are unable to come up with the money on your...

Avoid Getting a Higher Rate Due to a Low Credit Score

When it comes to getting the best possible interest rate on your mortgage, a good credit score can go a long way.  Your credit score is a representation of how likely you are to pay your debts in a timely manner.  In other words, it is a representation of how much...

Going Through the Mortgage Process

Many people do not know what to expect when they go through the mortgage process.  It can be intimidating to go into the home buying experience without knowing how long it is going to take or what you are going to have to do.  On the other hand, it is very beneficial...

Buying a Home When You Have Student Debt

One common misconception about buying a home is that it is just not possible to do while you are going to school or paying off student debt.  This is simply NOT true.  There are many people that buy a home while they are still paying off student debt.  Below is a list...

Learn How to Optimize Your Credit Scores

Applying for a loan can be stressful.  One of the biggest things our clients worry about is credit worthiness.   Below is a list of things to avoid when going through the loan process to ensure that you maintain your credit scores.   Doing anything to Cause a Red...

Do’s and Don’ts During the Loan Process

During the loan process, you'll want to avoid negatively impacting your loan pre-approval in any way. Lenders look for stability and consistency, and you are responsible for maintaining your financial situation all the way through to loan...

Finding the Right Homeowners Insurance

Finding the right insurance policy for your home purchase is one of the most important ingredients when buying an existing home or a new home. When companies begin to talk about replacement values or deductibles, it sometimes get frustrating to figure out what to do...

Use Your Home to Get Cash

Home values in Utah have been rising the past several years. The average selling price along the Wasatch Front has grown 35% since 2013. This includes Weber, Davis, Salt Lake, Tooele, and Utah counties. In 2017, the average home sold for $304,000. Source via Salt Lake...

Understanding VA Loans

Veterans Administration (VA) loans are a fantastic way to obtain home financing for America’s servicemen and women. VA loans are insured by the Veterans Administration allowing private lenders to lend up to 100% of the purchase price. There are several significant...

Advantages and Disadvantages of FHA Loans

An FHA loan is one that is insured by the government and backed by the Federal Housing Authority (FHA). This insurance offers protection to Private lenders who fund FHA loans. In the event of default, FHA will help cover losses incurred by the lender. Lenders are then...

Advantages and Disadvantages of Conventional Lending

A Conventional loan is one that is insured, funded and serviced by private lenders as apposed to FHA, VA, or USDA loans which are also funded and serviced by the private sector, but are insured by the government. Here we will discuss some advantages and disadvantages...

Mortgage rates remain near all-time lows

Thinking about buying a home? You’ve probably seen news reports that mortgage rates have increased. But it’s important to put today’s mortgage rates into perspective. It still can be a great time to buy a home. Mortgage rates have been bouncing around all-time lows...