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About Conventional Loans

  • Between 5-20% down
  • Debt to income up to 45%
  • Stricter qualifications than FHA
  • Private Mortgage Insurance when above 80% Loan-To-Value
  • Loan Limit $417,000

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I don't have much money saved up for a downpayment

I want to buy a fixer-upper

I am a military veteran or actively serving.

I have past credit history problems.

I want a mortgage I will pay off in 30 years.

I want a house that is over $424,100

I want to downsize.

I want a mortgage I will pay off in 15 years.

I am 62 or over and don't want a mortgage payment.

I want to purchase a 1-4 unit investment property.

I want to live in a rural area.

I want to build my own house.