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The last 5-10 years have brought in a wave of new “smart” technology.  One of the industries most affected by these innovations has been the housing industry.  These new electronics are redefining luxury living in a multitude of ways.  Pretty much anything electronic in the home now has some kind of smart tech alternative on the market.  These electronic innovations range anywhere from security products, to lighting, to appliances, to virtual assistants, and everything in between.  Here are some of the latest and greatest innovations that are taking the industry by storm.



The innovations that seem to have started this smart home trend are those dealing with home security.  One of the greatest features of smart home security today is being able to control everything from an extremely user friendly mobile application.  Never before has anyone been able to have such control over the protection of their home from the palm of their hand.  You can now lock doors, view your security camera footage, set timers, and many other things from anywhere in the world.  There are also many autonomous features that can be customized to help in an instance where you forget to do something.  These innovations are offering home owners a peace of mind and a sense of security that has never been felt before.


One of the main purposes for these innovations has been to increase convenience within the home.  We all remember the “clap on, clap off” lights that seemed to revolutionize the home lighting industry about 10 years ago.  We could not have imagined then, how far we would come to get to where we are now.  Now, like with security products, all of your lighting can be controlled from a mobile application.  You can control lights on the inside and outside of the house.  You can set timers so that certain lights automatically turn on and off at certain times.  You can even set up certain lights in your home to be activated only when a motion sensor is triggered.  As if these home lighting features aren’t enough, you can also buy lights that can change colors and shades so you can customize the mood lighting throughout the house.


Appliance manufacturers are some of the most recent companies to catch hold of this innovative streak.  Pretty much any home appliance you can think of now has a smart version available.  You have refrigerators that can talk to you, remember your diet, give you an inventory count, give you suggestions on what to eat, and let you know when you need to replenish a certain item.  You have washers and dryers that allow you to schedule your loads.  There are even blue-tooth enabled slow cookers that allow you to control your cooking from your phone while you are not in the room or out of the house.  These smart appliances make daily chores and responsibilities much more manageable for people with busy schedules.


The most popular of the smart home tech products right now is probably the virtual assistant.  All of the major brands are coming out with, or already have their own version of this product.  Google, Amazon, and Apple, among others, each have a device that can recognize your voice and assist you in virtually anything that does not require physical labor.  You can ask your assistant to play your favorite song, change the temperature on the thermostat, order flowers for your spouse, or to set a reminder to take out the trash.  Anything you can think of that can be done online, or through a digital format, your assistant can probably help you with.  Perhaps the greatest feature of these assistants, however, is that they are allowing us to control all of the previously mentioned products on one platform.  All of your smart devices can be connected to your virtual assistant using Bluetooth technology.  These assistants are allowing us to control literally everything in our home with the sound of our voice.


These smart home technologies are changing our way of life.  Call it laziness.  Call it craziness.  Call it innovative.  Call it luxury.  No matter what you call it, it doesn’t change the fact that these smart home products will continue to change our lives in the same way that the automobile and the smart phone have changed our lives over time.  It seems as though the only limit to where this smart home technology can go is our own imagination.