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Finding the right insurance policy for your home purchase is one of the most important ingredients when buying an existing home or a new home. When companies begin to talk about replacement values or deductibles, it sometimes get frustrating to figure out what to do to protect the largest investment you will ever make.

Listed below are some helpful hints when you are shopping for Homeowners / Hazard Insurance for your home purchase.

1) Search for an expert when finding the right insurance policy:
Saving money is important when trying to Find the Right Homeowners Insurance company, but saving money sometimes will cost you the ability of personally communicating with an expert or agent who lives in your general area and knows the geographical area, and if the area is subject to any hazards. Being able to communicate with a real person, your agent, is extremely important. I closed a loan recently for a couple where the process in getting insurance coverage took way too long because they were not dealing with a local agent who they could talk directly with, they were on the phone with an “out of state” computerized system that was very frustrating. This long drawn out process almost caused a delay in their closing. If it was that hard to get coverage in the beginning, you can only imagine how hard it will be to get in contact with someone if there is a claim that needs to be processed!!

2) Having someone who will look out for you and your pocketbook when Finding the right insurance policy is extremely important!
I have a great local agent who I have used for many years, for all of my insurance needs. Because of his great knowledge, he has the ability to compare rates, deductibles, and coverage with several companies annually for me.

“What I really appreciate about him and his company is, each year they contact me and review all of the items I have insured with them to make sure I am not covering something I may have sold, and check to see if there is any additional savings they can offer. I feel they have my best interest in mind and they value me as a valued client and friend.”

3) Communication when Finding the right insurance policy:
Being able to communicate and call someone when something important comes up is extremely valuable. I don’t want to talk to a computer and enter in a bunch of numbers, I want to talk to the person who knows the most about what I need. Dale Whitlock owner of Security Insurance handles all of my insurance needs. I know that I can get a hold of him almost anytime at the office, and if not, I have his personal cell number in my phone for emergencies. If he isn’t available, Mindy in his office knows my policy inside and out and she has always been able answer my questions…….They continue to handle all of my needs and I tell everyone I know about their great, personal service!

So, as you can see, finding the right person who is a full time Insurance expert, and is familiar with the community where you intend to purchase your home, is very important, and in the long run can save you money and frustration.


Ask one of our mortgage professionals for their person referrances. They will be happy to help you find the perfect insurance agent.